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My wife and I always knew we had a story to tell, but had no idea how to tell it, in order for it to benefit others. When we attended Writing with Purpose, we got much more than we expected. We were not just inspired, but equipped and empowered to begin the process of actually telling our story through book form. Michelle continues to be a great resource of knowledge for us, as we are now in the middle of our journey of writing together.

– Adonis Lenzy, Sr. Associate Pastor at Oasis Church

After Writing with Purpose, we were both challenged and energized by the wisdom and knowledge we received. It has enabled us to move forward much faster with better tools and greater clarity. We now have a stronger confidence in planning and in our writing abilities to meet the present and future goals set before us. Thank you for taking the time to inspire us.

– Tim and Amy Coleman, Staff Pastors

Writing with Purpose exceeded my expectations completely. As a presenter of the content, Michelle was very inspiring and encouraging. The expert speakers were informative and added a deeper understanding into their particular area of the industry. The materials were well prepared and presented the process in an easy step-by-step outline. With the guidance and mentoring provided in this class, I found the motivation to set immediate goals and press forward with the process of starting my blog and completing my book. I will highly recommend Michelle as a speaker and teacher who has tremendous passion for writing and inspiring others. I personally feel that sharing her time and talents with the class was a gift and blessing.

– Gloria Exum, Real Estate Professional


Writing with Purpose has been amazing. If it wasn’t for Michelle, I would not have finished my book! I had started writing a number of books over the years, but the guidance, support, and information I received helped get me over the hump and actually write the book! It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but I don’t regret one second of it. The experts brought in gave ‘real-world’ information. I loved that they didn’t sugarcoat things. It was real, honest, and enlightening. Thank you Michelle! Because of you, I’m a published Author!

– Charletta Adams, Life Coach


God had laid it on my heart to write a book sharing my testimony. The idea of writing thousands of words scared me away from even attempting it. In January of 2013, I decided to write out my testimony; which turned into two chapters. I had a little more confidence after that attempt, but still knew nothing about how to get a book published. I knew that Writing with Purpose was beginning in February was none other than divine timing. The knowledge, encouragement and motivation started a fire in me for writing that is still burning. Michelle made the statement one night that had a profound impact: “God is not looking for the perfect writers, He is looking for those who are obedient. ” On March 20th, I asked God to call forth the words and write through me as I gave full obedience to Him. In a matter of twelve days, I wrote six chapters and over twenty-five thousand words. Writing with Purpose taught aspects of traditional publishing and self-publishing. Through the instruction, I learned how to write a book proposal that I am now submitting to literary agents. I recently told Michelle, “Your class has been like a “slingshot.” Several of us were held back with potential, but now we are soaring.” Writing with Purpose has been a blessing.

– Amy Harrison, Teacher